28th April, 2016


Company will represent the UAE and the Middle East in major new Chinese initiative

Image Nation Abu Dhabi is to play a key role in the establishment of a cultural union with China and other ‘Silk Route’ countries.

CEO Michael Garin recently visited the Far East and was a keynote speak at ‘Jointly Building The ‘Belt and Road’ Media Cooperation Union’ – a major forum announcing a new Chinese initiative to parallel the revival of the ancient Silk Route.

Image Nation will represent the UAE and the Middle East in the initiative, which will foster closer relationships between China and the Arab world.

The work will not only serve to reinforce relationships between the countries involved but also help break down public misconceptions, ignorance and intolerance.

Mr Garin’s full speech to the forum can be seen below.

“Two hundred years ago, the Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz famously described war as the continuation of politics by other means.

“I see Public Diplomacy as the antidote to war because it’s much more difficult to hate or fear the people you know and understand.

“The United Arab Emirates learned this important lesson in 2006.

“That was the year when an agreement for the Dubai-based DP World to assume the management of six US ports was halted by the United States Congress.

“Ever since then, Public Diplomacy has been a top diplomatic priority for the UAE — creating a better understanding of its unique and critical role both in our region and around the world.

“It has been a matter of great satisfaction that the content created by Image Nation and our talented Emirati team has played such an important part in this outreach effort.

“China too has many similar experiences and has also chosen Public Diplomacy as a key element in its quest to improve the understanding of this great nation and its people.

“I am here today because of the long and close relationship between China and the United Arab Emirates. Together through the One Belt One Road initiative we are working under the direction of our two national leaders President Xi and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed to help foster a closer connection between China and the Arabic-speaking world and the Arabic-speaking world with China. It’s an important and exciting undertaking.

“Make no mistake. This is critically essential work. All of us understand the consequences of ignorance and intolerance.

“Political, diplomatic, economic and other instruments of statecraft clearly have their traditional places in this effort. But without the work of those assembled here today and our colleagues around the world, these traditional tools will never be adequate to meet the challenges to civil society we currently confront.

“I thank you for allowing me to participate in what I am confident will be a stimulating and productive forum and look forward to today’s proceedings.