30th June, 2016


Abu Dhabi, June 19, 2016: A Pan Arab TV channel is calling on viewers to share their “My Ramadan” stories demonstrating the various different practices, customs and family traditions going on throughout the region.

Quest Arabiya is asking viewers to post videos, images and stories on its social media platforms detailing the fascinating personal journeys and events undertaken during the Holy Month, such as Iftar celebrations, charity initiatives or interesting sunset routines.

The factual entertainment channel is committed to airing regionally-produced, engaging content to showcase the region in a positive light and applies the same principle with its audience by facilitating conversations through social media to help showcase real people’s experiences from their own backyards.

Khalid Khouri, deputy general manager of Quest Arabiya said “While Ramadan is a universally shared practise celebrated by so many people from all walks of life, there’s still so much we can uncover about what Ramadan means to individuals and how they celebrate it across the globe.

“We hope that by offering a platform for people to share these stories we will help unite communities irrespective of geographical boundaries and we expect to receive some truly fascinating content.

Quest Arabiya previously called on its audience to submit action videos of viewers carrying out adrenalin fuelled activities or dare-devil stunts for the final episode of extreme sports and action programme Pulse of Adventure.

The campaign went down well with viewers with approximately 20,000 interactions received on its social media channels. The exciting footage received was edited into a 30-minute program, which aired in May, featuring dare-devil shark dives, crazy water sport stunts, wing-suited aerobatic displays and more.

As part of its celebration of the Holy Month, Quest Arabiya has produced 24 short infobytes that are being shown between programs informing viewers on the different Ramadan practises and traditions across the globe, from the Middle East, to Africa, over to the US, and all the way up to Iceland.


It is also offering a specially created digital playback channel showcasing the top eight series, as voted for by the viewers, available throughout the month.

To submit Ramadan videos please email [email protected] or check the video here –