12th August, 2014


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Abu Dhabi, July, 2014: Polio is a problem that affects young children and adults. It is a very important public health issue in Pakistan, which is one of the last remaining countries where the disease has not been fully eradicated.

Polio is a highly contagious virus that invades the nervous system and can quickly cause irreversible paralysis.  Although the disease does not have a cure, it can be easily prevented by the administration of the polio vaccine.

Image Nation Abu Dhabi has produced the short film “Leap of Faith” telling a story of the impact of polio, to raise awareness of the disease and its prevention, for the Pakistani expat population in the UAE.

“Image Nation Abu Dhabi is proud to be playing a part in raising awareness of polio within the Pakistani community in the UAE.  Working together, we can strive to ensure healthy childhoods for the young people of Pakistan” said Image Nation Chairman Mohamed Al Mubarak.

The UAE and Pakistan have shared a close relationship for many years, and His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Al bin Zayed Al Nahyan is committed to supporting polio eradication in Pakistan.  The UAE Pakistan Assistance Program recently launched a vaccination campaign aimed at reaching over 3.5 million children in Pakistan.

The film will be screened at various forums in order to reach the diaspora, with a supporting advertising campaign running between June and September 2014.  Free movie screenings in labour accommodations, radio & cinema advertising and a tailored social media campaign will bring the film direct to the target audience.

The film will also be available to view at the campaign’s Facebook page –