Mawaheb Chats are an intimate sit-down with some of the leading lights of the film and film-making industry. They give people who aspire to work within the industry a chance to draw on their knowledge and experience, and learn some of the tricks of the trade from those at the forefront of the film world.
Mawaheb chats with Griffin Hammond

Griffin Hammond is an American YouTube personality and documentary filmmaker in New York City, known for producing DIY filmmaking tutorials for indie filmmakers, and his award-winning documentary Sriracha.


In this Mawaheb Chats, we catch up with AFS mentor Greg Unrau. Find out what the best filmmaking advice he's ever been given us and what he thinks makes a great short film!

Mawaheb Chats - Michael Barnett

In our latest Mawaheb Chats, we chat to esteemed documentary filmmaker, Michael Barnett. Michael visited the UAE recently to screen his latest documentary, 'The Mars Generation'.

Mawaheb Chats - QALB AL ADALA special with Mansoor Al Feeli

Mansoor Al Feeli, star of the new legal drama Qalb_AlAdala (Justice) and legendary Emirati actor, gives us an exclusive insight into his on-screen journey in the latest Mawaheb Chats.

Ali Khaled

In this episode we chat with journalist and Anwar Roma documentary director, Ali Khaled. Ali highlights the importance of storytelling in documentary filmmaking and most importantly, having a passion for the story you are telling.

AFS Winners

In this session we speak to the Arab Film Studio winners Eman Talal Alsayed, who won both Narrative and Scriptwriting 2016, and Arkus who won 'Best Producer' in Documentary 2015, about their experiences!

Yasir al Yasiri

In discussion with writer, director and producer Yasir al Yasiri


Join us in discussion with Film Editor Shahenaz

Arabic Writers

In the latest episode of our series of Mawaheb Chats, we caught up with Arab writers Ahmed Arshi and Mohammad Yousef. Ahmed Arshi is an Abu Dhabi-based scriptwriter and producer who has worked on short films such as 'Bahar' as part of TwoFour54’s Creative Lab. Mohammad Yousef writes award-winning videos for brands, projects and causes as part of the Storyteller Studios.

Arab Animation

Ahmed Al Mutawa and Rashed Al Harmoodi join us to talk about animation

World renowned writers and producers - Part 1

For the latest in the Mawaheb Chats series Talal Al Asmani is joined by Howard Owens, Ben Silverman, and Greg Daniel who have worked on projects including Ugly Betty, The Biggest Loser and The Simpsons

Majid Al Ansari

Join us for our latest Mawaheb Chat - this time with Zinzana Director Majid Al Ansari

Laurie MacDonald

See the latest in our Mawaheb Chats series, this time with He Named Me Malala producer Laurie MacDonald

David Hasselhoff

Join us for a Mawaheb Chat with the legend that is David Hasselhoff

Stuart Ford

We are joined by Stuart Ford, Ali Mostafa and Rami Yasin to talk about film distribution in the region

Adam Goodman

Watch our insightful chat with Adam Goodman, who served as President of Paramount Pictures for more than six years. A man of incredible film making experience who has worked on movies including Interstellar, Anchorman and Spongebob Squarepants

Mawaheb chats with Scandar Copti

Emirati Animator Mariam Al Atouli

In this Mawaheb Chat, we turn to Emirati animator Mariam Al Atouli to explore her experience creating animated shorts.

AFS success stories with Nabil Chowdry

We catch up with filmmaker Nabil Chowdry who won 'Best Narrative' at the AFS Awards in 2017 for his film 'The Replacement'. Find out why he decided to join the AFS program and what his future in film looks like.

QALB AL ADALA special with Safaa Abu Rezq

Our fourth and final Qalb Al Adala Mawaheb Chats special speaks to Safaa Abu Rezq, Executive Producer and General Manager of Beelink Productions. Safaa explains how important it was to work with such a groundbreaking Emirati production.

Mawaheb Chats - QALB AL ADALA special with Jafaar Alaydaroos

In this episode of MawahebChats we talk to Jafaar Alaydaroos, Director of Media at ADJD, about how they went about choosing what to feature on the show and how you can use real life accounts to influence your story.

Mawaheb Chats - QALB AL ADALA special with Fatima Al Taei

We talk to the star of brand new legal drama series Qalb Al Adala (Justice), Fatima Al Taei! Fatima says that to become an actress is all about believing in yourself. Qalb Al Adala airs weekly on OSN Yalhala at 8pm from 17th September.

Nayla Al Khaja

Mawaheb Chats is back with a brand-new look and brand-new guests! In this episode we talk to trailblazing filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja - one of the first female Emirati filmmakers to break onto the scene.

Heads of HBO and Film Independent        

This episode of Mawaheb Chats speaks with key heads from the film and television industry, Len Amato (HBO), Josh Welch (Film Independent) and Jennifer Kushner (Film Independent)

Arab Women Filmmakers

Watch the latest from the Mawaheb Chats series as we talk to Arab Women Filmmakers

World renowned writers and producers - Part 2

See the second part of our Mawaheb Chat which sees Talal Al Asmani joined by Howard Owens, Ben Silverman, and Greg Daniel who have worked on projects including Ugly Betty, The Biggest Loser and The Simpsons

Short films

In this episode we learn the key to making short films

Shannon Dill

He Named Me Malala Producer Shannon Dill joins us for the latest in our series of Mawaheb Chats

Davis Guggenheim

Get an insight into film and documentary making with world-renowned David Guggenheim

Ty Burrell Part 1

Join Modern Family's Phil Dunphy aka Ty Burrell as he takes part in a Mawaheb Chat with Image Nation at New York University Abu Dhabi

Mohammed Saeed Harib

In this episode we talk to renowned animator and creator of hit TV series FREEJ, Mohammed Saeed Harib

Ty Burrell Part 2

See the second part of our Mawaheb Chat with Modern Family star Ty Burrell which was filmed at NYU Abu Dhabi

Ashok Amritraj

Check out the third instalment of our Mawaheb Chats series - this time with CEO of Hyde-Park Entertainment, and Image Nation partner - Ashok Amritraj

Professor Norman Schwartz

Mawaheb Chats to Professor Norman Schwartz