Image Nation Abu Dhabi is one of the leading media and entertainment companies in the Arabic-speaking world.  The company produces local and international films, documentaries & television content, and broadcasts Quest Arabiya across the MENA Region – a factual entertainment channel in partnership with Discovery.  The company aims to build a sustainable film and television industry in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.


Image Nation’s slate includes Emirati produced feature films (SHEBAB SHEYAB, ZINZANA, THE WORTHY), cause-driven documentaries (HE NAMED ME MALALA, EVERY LAST CHILD) and television series (JUSTICE, an Arab-language courtroom drama that launched on OSN).  The company supports its local activities through award-winning international co-productions, including ROMAN ISRAEL, ESQ and THE CIRCLE.


Through its content, Image Nation is creating opportunities for local talent to tell their stories and work on projects that provide them the tools to establish and sustain a local industry.