AFS corporate aims to educate mid-level marketing and communications executives about developing media content for use in company promotions – whether it be for public diplomacy, digital content, consumer awareness or internal communications. Participants will gain invaluable knowledge and skills from industry professionals and will learn everything from how to produce a short film, respond to RFPs, analyze production budgets and schedules, identify legal issues and develop creative approaches.

Course Outline

The workshop is designed to advance the participants’ skills to be able to:

  • Identify and create a clear goal or set of goals.
  • Utilize various survey techniques to analyze the needs of the audience in association with marketing goals and delivery methods using film or a media / multimedia production.
  • Recognize how film and media functions from the production side (PSA, TVC, Corporate Promotion, Events, Training, Documentary)
  • Prepare a production brief and RFP that is clear and concise so the response time is quick and accurate.
  • Choose which type of company to engage based on their area of expertise and relevance to the project.
  • Assess and analyze budgets and production schedules, with a more informed view to the Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Develop distribution strategies to ensure using productions are best for each medium, and how to leverage multiple platforms for maximum ROI.
  • Discuss areas of production process, logistics and the key roles in a production.
  • Develop balanced, objective creative approaches in a concept or story/script that are non-offensive for a wide viewing audience.
  • Identify legal issues that may be relevant to permits, copyright, media, and image releases within a production.

Participant Requirements

Participants should be nominated by their company to take part in the course. Nominated participants should have completed a related communications program at a post-secondary level.

You are required to fill the online application form and attach your CV and company letter confirming candidate’s leave for the training.

Shortlisted candidates will need to attend a personal interview.

AFS Corporate is open to Government entity employees involved in junior Marketing and Communications roles. Applicants should have completed a related media or communications program at a post-secondary level.

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